Monday, January 10, 2011

Rhymes For 4 Year Old Birthday Invitation


know that in many places, towns and cities do not have a museum or can not travel with their students to the place in which there is a specific museum would like to share with them. Since the mid-twentieth century, museums have the obligation to educate function, which is why it is important to include them in our work proposals. Museums living is a proposal to find stories and characters through the Argentine heritage tours of three institutions, with videos by specialists and activities to work with content in the classroom. The institutions are: American Museum of Natural Sciences, National Museum of Fine Arts and National History Museum. Another place to consider is the Virtual Center of Argentine Art: the online encyclopedia museum. This site, created by the Department of Culture, aims to research and dissemination of Argentine art. Besides images, contains aesthetic studies, reviews, biographies, documents and literature, whose purpose is to facilitate both the interpretation of the works as the understanding of its history.
A museum can not fail to visit is the Museo del Prado

with audio guides Child It includes eight works unless comments found in the prestigious museum. The hosts are two of the most famous children's museum: the Infanta Margarita of Velazquez's painting "Las Meninas" and the Infante Francisco de Paula in the book "The Family of Charles IV" of Goya. They are those who, taking the form of cartoons, explain clearly and simply the characteristics of each work. For children will be an incredible journey as well as displaying the works ask us to think .... Great, is not it? Another site that offers several links to museums as part of
Eduteka This site offers An outline of links to collections that cover certain periods of art and that will facilitate the attainment of information and images to prepare lessons. All reviewed sites were selected to provide high quality images, and although some of them present information in languages \u200b\u200bother than English, do not believe that this is an obstacle because the images can only respond to the language of the aesthetically beautiful
CD 29 "Argentine art to work in the classroom" collection features hundreds sixteen works of art become valuable resource. Teachers find here an Image Library with complete information the works, thematic tours, activities for classroom work and to play and download software. We offer many theoretical papers on the integration of ICT in arts education and two complete maps showing the location of the main museums of Fine Arts Argentina.Simplemente miss.


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